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Our Rising Stars

Our Top A Level and I/GCSE Achievers of 2016 are a Triumph of Talent and Tradition. 

Over seven decades, the Alice Smith School has developed a strong reputation for academic excellence. This year’s outstanding examination results, together with our recent ‘Excellent’ inspection grading as an accredited British School Overseas, continue this proud tradition. 

At A Level, 78% of entries were grades A*, A or B, with 48% A*/A grades and a 100% pass rate; 22 students achieved all straight A*/A grades, with a further 18 scoring at least 2A grades. The majority of our graduating students have confirmed first choice placements in excellent universities.

At I/GCSE level, 63% of all grades were A* or A grades; 35% of all results were A* grades, with 98% of the cohort achieving 5A* - C grades. Also noteworthy were 4 students who attained an exceptional 10A* grades, and 15 more who scored eight A* grades.

What a stellar performance! 

At the Alice Smith School, our positive and enriching educational experience fosters a love of learning, nurtures personal growth and develops the qualities and character of our students.

Sic Itur Ad Astra - In this way you shall reach the stars.

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