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Our Shining Stars

The Stellar Paths of Our Alumni

The Alice Smith School has an established reputation for excellence. However, outstanding academic attainment is not the only reason for our prodigious number of high achievers.

Our rich and challenging curriculum, both within and outside of the timetable, enables our students to develop as well-rounded individuals with a thirst for knowledge, wide interests, and a real concern for others.

Our students experience an outstanding British education shaped by six learner attributes, developing them to be happy and healthy, respectful, community-minded, independent learners, communicators and problem solvers. 

At the Alice Smith School, we offer a unique experience in a caring international community. We believe that, through generosity of time and our care and attention to every individual, we bring out the best in all our students, creating a sense of belonging and preparing them thoroughly for a successful international future. 

Sic Itur Ad Astra… In this way you shall reach the stars.

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