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AQA Baccalaureate
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Sixth Form Admissions

Admission to the Sixth Form is to follow the AQA Baccalaureate, and all the component parts that together comprise this award. The components are: 

  • a minimum of three A Levels
  • AS Critical Thinking
  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
  • Enrichment (100 hours of personal development, community service and/or work-related learning)

A strong aptitude and a high level of independence and motivation are required, both of which are taken into consideration when assessing applications. The Alice Smith School understands the international nature of its prospective student body and endeavours to provide access to students from all educational backgrounds that possess the necessary aptitude and attitude.

Upon receipt of the application, each student is assessed on an individual basis. Prior attainment and attitude is taken into consideration when assessing the suitability of each student for the A Level programme and the AQA Baccalaureate award at the Alice Smith School.

What are AS and A Levels?

AS and A Levels are UK examination programmes taken in the Sixth Form at the Alice Smith School. Students are required to select four subject choices to study on entering the Sixth Form in Year 12 and have a commitment to continue at least three of those courses in Year 13.

AS, short for Advanced Subsidiary is the first half of the A Level GCE course, which students take in four subjects in Year 12. A2 refers to the units that are normally taken in Year 13 in at least three subjects which convert the AS into a full A Level. Students must therefore decide at the end of Year 12 which of the three subjects they want to continue in Year 13. There is the opportunity for suitable students to extend both the breadth and depth of their studies through additional AS/A2 courses.

Sixth Form Application Process

1. Information Evening

A Sixth Form information evening will be held in Term 1 each year to allow prospective parents and students to meet with staff and current students and visit the school. The purpose of this evening will be to provide information about the courses available. A prospectus will be available and the final options form will be issued in Term 2. 

2. Submit Application Form and Subject Choices

Following the Information Evening, prospective students for Sixth Form are welcome to receive career and subject choice advice provided by the Alice Smith School to help them decide on their choice of options. Prospective students for Sixth Form should complete the standard Alice Smith School Application Form (kindly note that this is a fillable PDF form) and submit it by the end of March.

3. Interview

Prospective candidates for the Sixth Form maybe required to attend an interview with a member of the Sixth Form Leadership team.

4. Conditional Offers

Applications will be acknowledged, processed and a decision of conditional offers, based on the entrance requirements below, will be made by the end of April.

5. Confirmation of Offer

Following the publication of GCSE results in August, conditional offers will be confirmed, withdrawn or amended. Prospective students who have not met the conditions of their offer may be required to attend an admissions interview in September.

6. Induction Day

All Sixth Form students entering Year 12 will be required to attend an Induction Day before term starts in September.

Entrance Requirements

Entry into Year 12

The minimum entrance requirement for consideration of entry into the Sixth Form is an average GCSE grade of C.

Students who wish to study Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, French or German are required to have an average GCSE score of B.

Certain subjects may also make recommendations in terms of the student’s aptitude for that

subject. Such recommendations are the result of years of experience and should be a serious

consideration in any decision to pursue that course of study. For exact subject recommendations, students and parents should refer to the subject summaries in the A Level options booklet, or contact the relevant Head of Department.

Students who do not meet the general academic or subject specific requirements for entry may be accepted conditionally. These conditions will be determined by the relevant Heads of Faculty/Department in consultation with the Sixth Form Leadership Team. In offering places, consideration will be given to aptitude and attitude. Applicants will be expected to attend an interview with the Head of Sixth Form, prior to a place being offered.


Students joining the school from education systems other than the British system will have their suitability assessed by the Assistant Principal - Curriculum and the Sixth Form Leadership Team, in consultation with Heads of Faculty/Department, based on previous school reports and qualifications.

Entry into Year 13

In order to gain entry into Year 13, students must have gained at least an E grade in each AS subject. Failure to attain this minimum requirement will mean that the student is unable to continue their A Level studies at the Alice Smith School in Year 13.

Students who do not attain the minimum requirement in their AS levels may be offered entry into Year 13, following an interview with a member of the Sixth Form Leadership Team. This offer will be conditional on re-sits in January of Year 13 or having to re-sit Year 12. This offer will be dependent on the number of passes achieved, the aptitude and attitude of the student.

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