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Academic Results

Attainment in Year 6 was, once again, excellent this year in both English and Maths. Teacher judgements showed 100% of our Year 6 students were working within the expected developmental band in Maths and English. This was further supported by the GL Assessment Progress Tests in English and Maths. These assessments allow us to measure attainment against both the UK and other British international schools.


In the Progress Test in English, 43% of our Year 6 students were graded above average or better. This compares favourably with the UK where only 23% of students are above average. In addition, 24% of our students were well above average (compared to 4% for the UK being well above average).


In the Progress Test in Maths, 42% of our students were above average or better with 20% well above average. 

Individual Scores

Individual scores for students are in the form of Standardised Age Scores (SAS). Our average score in English was 110.7 which was higher than both the UK (100) and International School (104.1) averages.

Similarly, in Maths, our students outperformed both the UK and other international school students with an average SAS of 107.8 compared to 100 in the UK and 99.4 in international schools.

National curriculum assessments at Key Stage 2 in England

Whilst the school does not participate in the Key Stage 2 national curriculum assessments (often referred to as SATs) undertaken in England, the GL assessments we undertake give an indication of students’ potential performance under these national tests for maths, reading and grammar, punctuation and spelling. The school’s performance in relation to these scores is also excellent.

Our end of key stage 2 indicators for reading, based on our GL assessment results, are that 87% of students would at least achieve the expected standard (of 100 or more) in reading - 16% higher than the (provisional) 2017 expected standard for England in reading (of 71%). Attainment at the expected standard in grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) for Alice Smith year 6 students is 85% compared to 77% in England for 2017.

In mathematics, the proportion of students that would reach the expected standard is 86% compared to 75% in England for 2017.

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