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Sixth Form

Welcome to the Alice Smith School Sixth Form offering the A Level programme and so much more.

We offer every student an enriched experience in a caring international community that will prepare them thoroughly for the next step in their life. 

With approximately 180 students, our Sixth Form is experiencing significant growth, doubling in size in the last two years alone. We are often asked by prospective parents how an A Level education at the Alice Smith School is different to other schools and colleges in Kuala Lumpur.

Excellent Academic Results

We have consistently excellent academic results (av. 70% of results graded A*, A or B in the last three years) which in turn lead to an impressive 85% of our students obtaining a place at their university of first choice, with the majority of students choosing to study at a UK university.  Our Sixth Formers are very much an integral part of the Alice Smith School directly benefiting from its wide range of first-class facilities and education provision, participating fully in school life and providing a good example to younger students. Notably, the school received the rating of ‘Outstanding’ at the recent British Schools Overseas UK government inspection (international schools equivalent of OFSTED).


In addition, to facilities and education provision, parents can also be assured that Sixth Formers are also taken care of within the school’s professional pastoral care programme, which is tailored to meet their specific needs at this crucial and challenging stage of their education. Our Sixth Formers in particular benefit from specialist coaching and support on coping with examinations and receive individual university and careers guidance. Students joining us in Sixth Form are particularly impressed with the broad range of subject choices available at A Level with all subjects being taught by our team of professional teaching staff, 100% of whom are UK fully qualified (or equivalent).

AQA Baccalaureate 

Finally, all our students follow the AQA Baccalaureate programme, of which A Levels are the academic element. The remaining three elements are the Extended Project, an AS level in General Studies and Enrichment Activities (100 hours of community work, work-related learning and/or personal development activities). The AQA Bacc. further demonstrates the schools appreciation to prepare its student body with greater skills to compete in todays world.

Sixth Form Centre

We have a dedicated Sixth Form Centre, which helps to bridge the gap between school and university and to fully prepare students for tertiary educational study in the future. It is a dynamic workplace, uniting different learning environments to provide our students with the variety of study areas for independent, collaborative and research-based learning and a good balance of spaces for reflection and relaxation. The centre has a more collegiate atmosphere where the teams of staff and students can work together. Thinking ahead, we are looking forward towards the next few years where we will be further developing the Sixth Form Centre; creating even more spaces for integrated learning, collaboration and independent research. 

Opportunities beyond the classroom 

Outside of the classroom there are many areas of challenge and reward open to the students. From the extensive sporting facilities to the international work behind the MUN, the opportunities are vast. It is abundantly clear that grades alone will not secure places at top universities and the extra curricular programme is an integral part of individual development. Community projects, both home and abroad, are an important step to developing a sense of self-worth and giving back, certainly an ethos worthy of development. All students are encouraged to extend themselves and use these opportunities to build other aspects of their life, creating fully rounded members of the adult community with as much choice ahead of them as possible.

Bursaries and Scholarships 

The Alice Smith School run both bursary and scholarship schemes for a small number of Sixth Formers each year.  

It is a truism that what you get out of an organisation is a reflection of what you put in. I urge every Sixth Former to dedicate themselves to the two years they have here, committing themselves with determination to filling their school lives, contributing fully to all aspects of the Alice Smith Sixth Form to create for themselves, and others, a unique and rewarding experience.


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